Mike Jackson

Engineering Support and Health & Safety Manager

After 25 years of working in Civil Engineering, Mike joined the company in 2014 as our Site Manager and is now our Health & Safety Manager and Engineering Support. He is responsible for preparing equipment and briefing engineers for upcoming jobs, monitoring engineers’ health and safety documents and managing the engineers on Festival installs.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys watching Rugby from the sidelines with a pint in hand but in his heyday, he used to play Rugby for Wigan Rugby Union and Preston Grasshoppers. He also enjoys salmon fly fishing and spending time with his dog, Kess the Chocolate Labrador.

As you may have noticed, Mike also shares the name of the late, great pop star Michael Jackson (although our Mike is keen to stress that he is the original MJ). Unfortunately, Mike cannot live up to his namesake and perform such an effortless Moonwalk!