If your computer equipment failed, replacing the hardware is the easy part, but what about the information stored on the equipment?  Could you carry on trading without this information?

IT Security

A breach of IT security could happen at any time and be simply due to a lack of procedure and process, or just a lapse of concentration.  This could be very costly to your business.

Our qualified team will assess your needs and make recommendations where we feel your business could be at risk from a security breach.  We will also suggest possible solutions which may include incorporating system security procedures for you and your staff.

Data backups and business continuity

The more your business relies on its IT systems and data, the more you need to consider the impact of an unexpected problem. Effective offsite data backup will give your business the best chance of continuing quickly should a disaster strike.

Antivirus IT Security Solutions

We recommend that all computer systems are protected by good quality antivirus software. Whilst many antivirus programs are available free of charge over the Internet there is much variation in the effectiveness of these ‘freeware’ packages. Infinium IT has carried out significant research into the best antivirus security solutions and will recommend the most suitable software for your business needs. As part of this service we will install the software and manage the solution across your business including periodic updates and monitoring.

Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


Providing IT software solutions to improve your business efficiencies.

Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


Our speciality is installing and maintaining infrastructure in unconventional environments.

Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


Specialists in providing outdoor and indoor networks

Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


Protecting your business systems and data.

Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


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Holiday Park WiFi & IT Solutions


Storage and backup solutions.

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