Benefits Of Providing Guest Wi-Fi

There are many benefits of providing guest Wi-Fi around your business and sites, as Infinium is keen to point out.

The general public see Wi-Fi connectivity as a necessity and the need for robust, secure and fast networks grows daily. The way customers use Wi-Fi is also changing, with the need for fast and continuous connectivity to support live streaming of sports and films is expected.

The provision of professional, well-designed and managed networks to meet the demands of your guests is no longer a luxury, but an essential utility alongside your gas and electric supply.

Benefits of guest Wi-Fi include:

  • Providing Wi-Fi services may help attract new customers.
  • By keeping your customers on site for longer, you can increase the revenue stream of other areas of your business, such as cafes and leisure facilities.
  • Wireless networks can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet the changing needs of your business. Adapting the network to future requirements is straight forward too, which extends the viability of your investment.
  • Wi-Fi availability can also help improve ratings with tourist boards and other qualifying authorities.
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