The Purpose of this Code of Practice (“Code”)

As a provider of ADSL services, we are required by Ofcom to develop and publish a Code of Practice setting out the key information concerning the Services we provide to you and the key support services and company procedures which underpin them. This Code contains information about:
• Who we are and the Services we provide
• How to contact us
• How we communicate with you
• Customer Care
• Confidentiality of Customer Information

This Code is accessible through our web site at  A large print or hard copy version of the Code can be requested by calling 01253 353537 or by writing to our Customer Services Department at the address specified below.

Who we are and the Services we Provide

Infinium is the trading name of Infinium IT Limited. We provide the following services:
– hosted services,
– broadband services,
– domain name registration services,
– dedicated services, Ethernet services and
– consultancy and support services

to both consumers and to small and medium sized business. Our registered office address and our main office are located at Unit 4 Bartle Court Business Village, Rosemary Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 0HF.  For other contact details please see below under the section “How to contact us”.

How to Contact us

All correspondence to us should be directed to our registered and main office at Unit 4 Bartle Court Business Village, Rosemary Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 0HF.  In addition to contacting us there, there are a number of other ways that you can contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.  We always aim to respond to your correspondence within 3 business days.

General Enquiries

If you have any questions about this Code, any of our Terms and Conditions or any other matter, you may contact us on 01253 353537.

Sales and Support

If you are a customer or a potential customer and have any questions about any of our products or Services or a need for support,
please contact us on 01253 353537 or by email on either or


If you would like to notify us of how we may communicate with you for marketing purposes, or otherwise would like to contact us
in connection with privacy issues, please contact us on 01253 353537. We will respect your choices.


If you have a complaint, we need to know as quickly as possible. To avoid delay, please contact us by: Phoning: 01253 353537
Writing to: Customer Services at Unit 4 Bartle Court Business Village, Rosemary Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 0HF; or Emailing:  We will do our best to resolve your complaint in accordance with the procedure outlined below under the section headed “Customer Care “.

How we communicate with you

We believe in effective communications with our customers. Customers can contact us as outlined above in the Section of this Code headed “How to Contact us”.  We may contact you using both online methods such as email and offline methods such as post or telephone. We may need to do so if we have any account queries, or need to inform you of any changes to this Code or to our Terms and Conditions.  We may also promote our products and Services, including special offers, through a variety of media. In doing so, we will respect any choices you have made regarding use of your contact details as notified to us (see above under “How to Contact us”) and we will also abide by all applicable industry-accepted standards, such as the Code of Advertising Conduct of the Direct Marketing Association.


Customer Care

Cancelling Services

Customers may cancel their contract with us at any time in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. A contract will run for the applicable minimum period after which time the contract will lapse if it is not renewed. Please contact our Customer Services (as above) for more information or if you are unsure which minimum period applies to the particular product or Service you have purchased or are considering purchasing from us.


Please contact our Sales Department (as above) for details of our prices for particular products and Services.

Resolution of Complaints

If you are unhappy with any of our products or the level of our Services, please contact us and let us know. It is mainly through your feedback that we are able to review and keep improving the overall level of the Services we provide. We will do our best to resolve any complaint that you have as quickly as possible, once it has been investigated.
Phoning: 01253 353537
Writing to: Customer Services at Unit 4 Bartle Court Business Village, Rosemary Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 0HF.

We will deal with your complaints or queries as quickly as possible. As a guideline, we will try to respond to written correspondence within 10 working days of receipt of your correspondence. All complaints are dealt with by managers at the highest appropriate level. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you can ask us to escalate the matter internally by writing to our Customer Services Department at the address given above, explaining that you wish the matter to be escalated.

The following section only applies to consumers and small businesses:
If within twelve weeks of a complaint being referred to us as outlined above, it has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, or if we write to you to say that “deadlock” has been reached, you may refer it to CISAS. CISAS will take evidence from both you and Infinium and will make an independent decision based purely on the merits of the case. You can find out more about the scheme at By post you can write to them at CISAS, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 24 Angel Gate, City Road, London EC1V 2PT, or by phone on 020 7520 3827.


We will consider requests for refunds depending on the circumstances giving rise to the request.

Confidentiality of Customer Information

We will treat any information we have about you in confidence and will not disclose it to anyone except yourself, or in accordance with your instructions to us unless we are required to do so in the circumstances set out below.  There may be circumstances in which we may be required by law to disclose such information. Such requests may come from the police, Customs & Excise, or other regulatory bodies. If we are required to disclose any information by law or to any official body we will wherever possible notify you in advance before we do so.