Business trends and
how they’ll affect your cyber security

4 years ago

Cyber security is a term we see thrown around the internet, and on the news, but it’s no wonder it’s such a hot topic across the UK with so many of us at risk by ignoring it.

Last year cyber-crime cost organisations $2.7 billion (£2.18 billion), and yet, many UK businesses still aren’t taking their cyber security seriously, with nearly 70% of them suffering from cyber security incidents last year.

So, what operational trends in 2019/2020 will we see businesses taking? What risks will those trends propose? And how will businesses need to adapt their cyber security?


Transferring to the cloud

We’ve seen businesses across the UK switch to the cloud, but for the last half of 2019 and for 2020, we predict many more will switch over, with many upgrading to the Office 365 application! 

As more hardware and software reach end of life status and therefore stop receiving security updates and support from their manufacturers, there’s a huge risk at stake by not using the cloud – especially for businesses who don’t have a large IT team available 24/7 to handle the required upkeeping of servers and software.

Shifting to the cloud and applications, such as Office 365, allows businesses to benefit from the latest technologies and tools available to them, whilst at the same time allowing staff to communicate and work together in one place regardless of their location and working hours – which is, of course, a benefit giving the growth of remote working environments. 

However, moving to the cloud can create blurred lines with regards to data ownership, meaning data can be at risk if the cloud is not highly secure. To combat this, many businesses are using outsourced IT companies to help and advise them with the switch over. By doing this and having professional advice at hand, private data is kept secure and the running of the business uninterrupted by an attack.


The Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in full swing, there’s been an uplift in the use of smart technologies and virtual assistants throughout businesses in the UK, meaning they are now well and truly on the radar of cyber attackers. 

Although the smart devices we use have the word ‘smart’ in them, they don’t offer the end-to-end security you’d expect to find! 

With the lack of industry standards for IoT products, manufacturers concentrate predominantly on the framework, not the security and potential consequences for its users.

Whilst those devices are practically flawless to use, in the background, emerging threats are looming and finding a way to attack devices.

Bringing outsourced IT specialists in to advise and assist with IoT implementation, businesses can be one step ahead of cyber attackers by deploying and configuring firewalls and implementing network segregation. 

Although these actions may seem simple enough, these two preventative tactics keep businesses safe, ensuring outside sources can’t gain access to the network, data is kept safe and the risk of potential future attacks is minimised.  


Now, more than ever, businesses need to be securing their networks, hardening systems and putting things in place to protect their data from cyber threats.

Gaining advice and guidance from an outsourced IT specialist, like us here at Infinium, keeps your business safe and the successful day to day running of the business continuing without disruption – so let us sort out your cyber security.

We complete a thorough analysis and advise you on the best IT security practices and changes for your business, ensuring none of the up and coming cyber security threats affect you. 

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