Improving Your Holiday WiFi

1 year ago

Improving Your Holiday Destinations Rating Could Be As Easy As Great WiFi

With more than 18 years’ experience specialising in the delivery of holiday park WiFi, I’ve seen directly how the use of WiFi within holiday destinations has completely evolved over the past 10 years and redesigned guest experiences across the board.

Gone are the days when guests considered it a luxury to be able to access basic internet through a login platform. Nowadays, free and high-quality WiFi access is as important to a guest’s experience as the 5-star customer service offered by your staff.

This year alone, it is estimated there will be over 50.3 million smartphone users in the UK, on top of more than 18.1 million tablet users – a big increase compared to 10 years ago. Holiday park guest ‘s now expect to enjoy a home-from-home experience when on their holidays and who can blame them? However, a home-from-home experience means being able to do the same things when on holiday as at home, for example having the capacity to use multiple devices to stream films, download a good book and play computer games all at the same time.

Direct to van WiFi is the perfect way to create a home-from-home WiFi connection, but in essence it improves a guest’s experience, which means great reviews and return bookings. This begs the question, should holiday parks still look at WiFi as a business tool to collect data, or a tool to enhance customer experiences and their overall company offering?

Here at Infinium, we’ve met the needs of many holiday parks across the UK, ensuring they provide the very best WiFi and user experience for their guests. Some holiday parks still want the simplest possible WiFi option to collect data through a login portal, however, from our experience, we know that simplest isn’t always best.

Due to various data breaches from large conglomerate companies, such as Facebook, the leisure sector is seeing guests shy away from entering their personal details to access WiFi – they prefer a secure, fast and high-quality WiFi option. So, will a login portal continue to suffice at your holiday destination?

But, what is the solution? In short, secure private connections! It’s not the simplest option, but it offers fuss-free, family friendly, slick WiFi access with no limit on the number of devices that can connect to it. It also ensures a strong signal throughout a guest’s accommodation and across the park and is sure to add to their holiday experience.

We installed a Direct to Van WiFi solution for our client Seafield. Our brief was to deliver a high standard WiFi solution to generate that all-important home away from home feel for Seafield’s guests. Following the delivery of the new WiFi solution, customers were able to take advantage of high-bandwidth streaming services and could physically hardwire equipment similar to games consoles into access points. More than 90% of their customers rated the WiFi connection as what impressed them most about their stay, and the number of WiFi issues reported fell by 98%.

Here at Infinium, we create custom-made WiFi solutions for our clients. If you’re looking for a frictionless, top-quality experience for your guests, as specialist installers of holiday park WiFi for almost two decades, we know exactly what we are doing. Our WiFi installations have driven bookings, improved ratings and ensured repeat custom. Why choose the simplest option when a more thorough overhaul of your WiFi system will improve customer enjoyment levels, and subsequently, enhance the reputation of your holiday park?