IoT for Business

Raconteur & The Times

Considering IoT as part of your strategy?

The hype of the Internet of Things continues, but there has been an underwhelming level of adoption and delivery of IoT projects is sluggish. So what is the problem? Raconteur’s IoT for Business report, published in The Times, will address how IoT will continue to change our lives and workplaces.

From the security of IoT devices on your network to tackling environmental issues, this feature covers how widespread the Internet of Things has become. The report also dives into the ROI of IoT implementation, debunks myths about IoT putting jobs at risks and showcases the latest IoT innovations. Additionally, the report includes an infographic demonstrating current smart cities and how they will change the way we live by improving emergency services, transportation, the environment, and waste collection.

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Raconteur & The Times IoT for Business Report 2020

IoT for Business Report

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