Wi-Fi Installation

Infinium design, install and deploy managed Wi-Fi networks that exceed your expectations. Utilising equipment from leading vendors, we have a range of hardware and management platforms for every business, regardless of size, location or complexity.

Our wireless survey will determine how many access points you will need, where they will be placed and how they will be powered and supplied with data.

Once the survey is complete, we will document a network design and present a full proposal to provide a superior, future-proof wireless network.

We specialise in providing high-speed, low-latency Wi-Fi installations even into typically hard to cover locations. Our range of wireless links, fibre optic connectivity and ethernet provide a true home-from-home experience for your customers and guests.

Wireless Point to Point Links

We can deploy wireless point to point links that provide a cost-effective way to link up remote locations, such as out buildings and workshops where traditional cabling may be impracticable. For installations where line of sight is not possible, check out our fibre point to point service.

Point to Point links and Point To MultiPoint links are both able to benefit from:

Point to Point

  • Links two locations together via dedicated hardware
  • High availability with seamless failover
  • Quick installation and deployment
  • Low latency connectivity
  • High speed – up to 10Gbps

Point To MultiPoint

  • Links multiple locations with a central point
  • High availability with seamless failover
  • Quick installation and deployment
  • Low latency connectivity
  • High speed – up to 10Gbps
  • CCTV Solutions

Fibre Optic and Ethernet

Sometimes you need more than wireless to meet the requirements – we can deploy wired networks across your site using fibre and ethernet solutions. A wired solution allows for faster connections, higher bandwidth and is often utilised in combination with a wireless network to ensure fast interconnects between different areas. In addition, it allows us to provide service in locations where line of sight is not possible.

Fibre and Ethernet

We’ll plan your network out and install all necessary comms cabinets, ethernet and fibre links. You’ll benefit from:

  • Cabinet Installation
  • Trenching and Conduit
  • Redundant Fibre Links

10GB Capacity

Wired networks allow you to distribute up to 10Gbs around the site – enough for a small town! You’ll receive:

  • Fibre to the cabinet
  • CAT 5/6 to the premise
  • Supports Voip, CCTV and internet

Satellite broadband

High speed satellite broadband can be provided by Infinium.

High Speed 22MB Satellite Connections

If you live in a densely populated area of the UK, you’re likely to fall within the 90% of the population which has access to fibre or a reasonable ASDL connection. However, if you live in a rural area, or are in one of the areas where fibre currently isn’t available, then alternative technologies such as satellite broadband provide a great solution.

Our range of satellite services are ideal for rural and hard to reach locations that are often outside the coverage area of leased lines and FTTC services.

Managed firewall service

Running a firewall at the edge of your network is easy. Ensuring it’s configured correctly, monitored and updated in line with emerging threats is a different matter and often something overlooked by network admins. Once you start adding in BGP IP addressing, VRRP Failover, staff VPN access, VPN MPLS options and intrusion detection and prevention alerts, it can quickly become compromised even with the best intentions of your staff.

We provide a fully managed firewall solution. We’ll supply you with the correct firewall, configure it in line with your security and business requirements and take full ownership of managing it for you. We can provide everything from WAN bandwidth utilisation reports to highlight usage and throughput issues through to Intrusion detection reports.

Enterprise class firewall technology

Infinium’s managed firewall services are designed based on your network activity and requirements, with a focus on access, performance and security. As part of the managed service that we deliver, the firewall is delivered to you fully configured and tested. Meanwhile, the day-to-day maintenance and management activities are owned and supported by Infinium, all within a comprehensive service level agreement.

Key benefits of a managed firewall service:

• Remove the management and monitoring burden: free up resources and reduce overhead by leveraging our experts.
• Support compliance initiatives: meet requirements for perimeter security, access control and log analysis.

To secure your network and protect your business continuity, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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